Bordeaux Mixture

Bordeaux Mixture

Bordeaux Mixture from Longford Wines.


Jacques Fourès is an oenologist of great renown who is responsible for his sister's vineyard at Château Ogier de Gourgues.

Jacques is also responsible for the complete renovation of the vineyard, chais and winemaking of Château Malromé, the former summer home of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. The new owners of Château Malromé, Philippe Decroix and his wife have given total backing to Jacques Fourès. Château Malromé 1996, Bordeaux mixture supérieur and Château Malromé Cuvée Revue Blanche 1998, Bordeaux Supérieur Both wines are matured in oak, but the Cuvée Revue Blanche is the superior cuvée worthy to be matured in a slightly higher proportion of new oak casks.

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